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These Asian Collection Pages represent a mere

fraction of the goods available through the

years of global travel. 


These pages display some of our most popular and

unusual items.  Traveling in Asia began as a

passion in 1987.  I felt deeply connected to

the Spirit of the people and their arts.  I soon

discovered a deeper joy that evolved from

working with these peoples, one I would not

have known as a simple visitor.  I came to

better understand how all peoples are one, to

view the world without judgments based on my

being an American. 


I see the world as a

multi-faceted crystal ball, all facets looking in to

the same core, each from it’s own perspective,

each equally valid.  The goods you will see,

reflect cultural aspects of Asian peoples...ones

that may draw you into their mystic


Tibetan Bells, Gongs & Percussion Frogs




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