Eclectic Clothing

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Eclectic Clothing
Many of you know me from being a vendor at shows for the past 20 years where I mostly show Eclectic Colorful Comfortable Fun Fair Trade Clothing & Accessories.
I love to wardrobe people combining the right scarf,bag or hat to complete a new look for you. Most of my clothing is handmade in Indonesia,Thailand,Nepal & India, but I carry several American Designers as well.
I have resisted  online sales of these goods because I like you to feel the fabric & see the quality of these fabrications but I also know that clothing has no standardization in sizing: Some lines run small and others big making it difficult to get the right size on line. This is a challenge!
With each piece I will tell you what I think is the way it runs to help you decide.
If you have bought from me before you may know what size is right for you in different labels.
If you are local, please feel free to make an appointment ...trying things on is always best.  You may like things you thought you would not or dislike something you thought you would like!
Last year I  designed a new line of waffle cotton clothing from Thailand with the Creature Comfort Label. I have had a strong response to this clothing line in yummy colors with many pieces that can layer.
It will take me some time to post the clothing, so please be patient with me. If you are looking for something, please contact me.
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

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Lost River: Hand Batiked  Rayon in Indonesia

Matching Scarves In Cotton & Rayon Scarves

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