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antiques & collectibles

These Antiques & Collectibles have been collected by me over the past 40 years in South East Asia. What you will see is just a fraction of the goods available. For those of you who live or will visit the Seattle area, The Barn at Owl's Peak is open for your leisurely viewing by appointment.

Travel began as a passion in the early 1980s. I felt then and still do, deeply connected to the Spirit of the people and their arts.I soon discovered a deeper joy that evolved from working with these people, one I would not have known as a simple visitor. I came to better understand how all people are one, to view the world without judgment. I see the world as a multi-faceted crystal ball, all facets looking into the same core, each with its own perspective, each equally valid. The goods you will see, reflect cultural aspects of these people...one that may draw you into their mystic web.

You will find many more antiques in the Furniture & Unique Pieces for Locals, the Buddhas & Deities, Vintage Puppets & Puppet Heads, Sacred Thangkas & Kalagas, Mostly Bronze, and Ethnographic Fabrications Sections

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