Celebrating Culture

Creature Comforts, operating since 1980, exists to honor and help kindle respect for cultural diversity...a great challenge of these times.  There is an intellectual and spiritual web of life created by the cultures of the world.  Modern times encroach on ancient skills, wisdom and languages.  To lose the richness that this web offers is a reality that we face.  It is our hope that by offering these handcrafted goods by indigenous craftspeople to a world market, we will allow these peoples to preserve their culture, artistry, stories, and identity.

Our website is very diverse offering Asian Antiques & Collectibles,Colorful Eclectic Clothing & Accessories, Children's Sweaters & Fairy Dresses, Wounaan Baskets & Embera Masks, Vintage Puppets,Earth Keeper Dolls,Singing Bowls & Sacred Thankgas & So Much More

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