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Rose Vison

Warrior Woman

World dolls: Keepers of the Earth by Kim Elkins

I met Kim as a vendor at a show many years ago, Kindred Spirits from the start, I could see that she wore her strength and depth  of her being. Over the years, I came to look forward to her annual visit to my booth. One year she asked if I would like to see her dolls. I was not surprised that she was an artist. Given my extensive collection of world goods and clothing, I am not usually interested in acquiring more inventory. However, I agreed. She quickly  returned with a box of her Spirit doll entities that stole my Heart  instantly .As I write this, I am standing in front of the very first one I decided to keep: an exquisite Raven in soulful ethnic fabrics & rich beads. I connected with this one deeply. Since that time, I am rewarded when I sell one of her dolls because of how much these dolls are loved. My business motto is: Experience the Passion of Expression. Kim has an amazing ability to express her Spirit visions through her medium...and they carry the essence of my motto.

Kim is a Fire Woman,one who can infuse natural objects with their energy. Her mantra is:I am open and receptive to all good. As a result her dolls are channeled from this premise.Each doll that she makes is unique, carrying its own energy & ancestry. Each doll has an owner. They represent the elements from all nations of people: aboriginal, African,European. This is why she calls them World Dolls. And each doll is made with total intention using only fine ethnic fabrics and extraordinary beads.  See who Speaks to you...

We have the power within to take humankind to the next level....Kim Elkins


Deer Woman


Black Madonna


The Sun

Turtle Woman

Raven People

Raven Wing

Raven Smile


Raven Blue


Raven Soul

Star Dancer

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Star Rabbit

Star Angel

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