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Lost River Tops & Dresses

627 moon leaf.png

Lost River Imports
Hand Batiked Rayon is the theme here! Super soft, breathable & easy care.
This small family business operates in Indonesia & in Moab, Utah.
Celebrating Color for Over 25 Years!.
Indonesia is famous for perfecting the art of batik. Batik Day (Hari Batik Nasional) is an Indonesian cultural day for celebrating batik – the traditional cloth of Indonesia. It is celebrated on October 2  & marks the anniversary of when UNESCO recognized batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2009.
Batik is an ancient art form of Indonesia made with wax resistant dye on fabrics.
Designed by Women for Women who Love Color...for a Casual Lifestyle

DSC01641 (3)_edited.jpg
DSC01647 (4)_edited.jpg
LR Col Moon Leaf.png
LR Col Earth Leaf.png
LR Col Ocean Leaf.png
LR Col Iris Bloom.png
LR Col Indian Spice.png
LR Col Blue Tide.png
LR Col Whisper.png
LR Col Rainbow Gaia.png

627:Tie Dye Motif:
in Blue Tide as shown, Whisper, Rainbow Gaia

DSC01663 (4).JPG
627 berry vine.png
LR Col Wildberry.png
LR Col Eagle.png
LR Col Berry Vine.png
LR col Flamingo.png
LR Col Bamboozle.png
LR Col Everglade.png
LR Col Rain.png

627: Classic Motif:
in Berry Vine as shown, Wildberry, Flamingo,Bamboozle.Everglade,Eagle, Rain

LR Col Purple
LR Col Rainbow Dragonfly_edited_edited.j
LR Col Teal dragonfly_edited_edited.jpg
LR Col Borneo Coral.png
LR Col Native Gray.png
LR Col Night Confetti.png
LR Col Aqua Spiral.png

627: Contemporary Motif:
in Teal Dragonfly as shown, Rainbow Dragonfly, Purple Dragonfly,Coral Ombre.
2X Only In: Borneo Coral, Native Gray, Night Confetti, Aqua Spiral

LR Col Coral ombre.png
DSC01651 (3)_edited.jpg
LR 627B.png

627 B: V-Front Tunic 3/4 Sleeve  Soft Rayon with Band of Trim on the Handkerchief Hemline and the Sleeve Hems
-5 1/2 " Hemline Side Slit
-3" Sleeve Hem Slit       
-Easy Care ... No Ironing
This style is the same style as 627 above with the only difference being the Trim on Hemlines & Soft Rayon. The soft rayon does not stretch like the crinkle rayon. It drapes beautifully.
Available in : True Peri/True Sky Trim  
Pink Fleur/Rose Fleur Trim


LR Col Rose Fleur.png
LR Col Tour Fleur.png
LR Col Sand.png
LR Col Fog.png
DSC01726 (4).JPG

1008: Hi-Low Tunic
3/4 Sleeve in Hand Batiked Crinkle Rayon
-easy care
-no ironing
         -3" Sleeve Hem Slit
Available in:
Nutmeg and Hyacinth
as shown


LR Col Hyacinth.png
LR Col Nutmeg.png
DSC01710 (5).JPG
DSC01676 (5).JPG
DSC01700 (4).JPG
DSC01687 (4).JPG

2121:Amelia Top
3/4 Sleeve in Hand Batiked Crinkle Rayon
Slightly longer in the back than the front...Easy Care...
No ironing...3" Sleeve Hem slit
Available in : Moon Leaf, Flamingo, Iris Bloom as shown as well as Ocean Leaf

LR Col Moon Leaf.png
LR Col Iris Bloom.png
LR col Flamingo.png
LR Col Ocean Leaf.png
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