Pandemonium Luxury Faux Fur

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Pandemonium is a Seattle based small company specializing in the softest highest quality faux fur you will ever feel.I always worn customers that when wearing these accessories or vests, you run the risk of being petted. They are  irresistible to touch!

They are the perfect winter warmth for those with wool allergies.

Wrap Yourself in Luxury,Love & Warmth

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The Hoody Scarf

The Hoody Scarf , also called a Snood,drapes over the head with two long scarf ends that can cross at the neck to  go over the shoulder to sit on your back. I love to wear the hoody scarf when I beach walk because my ears are protected from the wind and I can tie the scarf ends behind my head to keep them in place.It is so soft it caresses my neck and face.

And, it is reversible!

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The Head Band

The Head Band has a twist worn in the front or back, as you wish. A yummy ear covering  for warmth & style. When you are inside, it can come down to rest on your neck or it can be worn alternatively as a neck warmer.

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The Scrunchy Scarf

The Scrunchy Scarf is twisted and has a Spring to it when you pull it. It can be worn simply around the neck flowing down the front or I like to twist the two separate ends together forming a single front twist: Elegant!

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Scrunchy Scarf: Rose Bud,Smoky Essence,

Winter Hare,Black Agate

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The Skinny Scarves

The Skinny Scarves  are the classic that we all know & love.  Simply wear them around the neck or with a double wrap.  There are endless ways to tie scarves, be creative!

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The Shawl Collar Vest

The Shawl Collar Vest has one hook & eye closure where the collar ends on the front. It has fully fur lined pockets on the side seams.The vest falls squarely from the underarm making it roomy and cozy for those chilly winter days. This vest is reversible but the pockets are only on the main design side.      Truly Luxurious!

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Shawl Collar Vest:

Black Minky Fur...XL

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The Hoody Vest

The Hoody Vest  has fully lined side seam pockets. The Hoody Vest can be reversed as well, excluding pockets, with a zipper in the front, running from the bottom to the top of the hood. The hood is framed by a complimenting zipper and is very full, allowing the inside contrast color to show when worn up or down.  

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Hoody Vest:...Medium

Crimson Desert Sand & Cuddly Black Fur

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Hoody Vest:...Large

Agate in Black & Cuddly Black Fur