2.5 Tingsha Symbols: 8 Ashtamangalas Symbols

2.5" Diameter

The sound is like a summons bringing you to the present moment.

Therefore  they are often used to start or end a meditation  or yoga session. School teachers use these to bring wandering minds back to the here & now too.

The pure & purifying sound will align your Chakras & repair holes in your ethereal body. The sound helps to form a new network of connecting threads that repair holes rapidly.

By playing the tingshas in the four corners of a room, the energy present in the room is dissolved in the vibration of sound & the room is once more open & neutral.

The Ashtamangalas or 8 symbols of good fortune are on the front

Chattra: Parasol for protection against all evil; Dhvaja, the banner of Buddha's teachings victory; Shrivasta,the infinity knot of endless life; Dharmachakra, the wheel of life where the 8 spokes represent the 8 fold path of Buddhism; Kalasha, the vase of abundance with the water of immortality & spiritual wealth; Matsyayugma, double golden fish for salvation from suffering & for fertility; Padma, the perfect lotus for purity; Sankha, the conch, absence of all evil.

On the back is the symbol for the Om

Hand Made in Nepal

2.5" Tingsha Cymbals: 8 Ashtamangalas Symbols

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