3 Vintage & 1 New Oil Trays

One on Top:        3" High x 10" Long x 4.5" Wide

Left One:              3" High x 9" Long x 4.5 " Wide

Middle One:       2.5" High x 10.25" Long x 4" Wide

Faux New One:  2.5" High x 12" Long x 4" Wide

In India olive oil is served in these charming handcarved wood trays.

Oil placed in the tray comes out the snout in a drizzle or small stream.

These vintage pieces do not have to be used this way however. They look great hanging on a wall or used to hold anything you want from food to paper clips to rings to small soaps.

The one  I call Faux New is the newest of them but it was never finished as an oil dispensor, but it will serve as a little container for any of your needs.

Hand Carved in India

3 Vintage & 1 New Oil Trays

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