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              Amitabha: Buddha of Boundless Life Thangka

28" x 22" Framed. Painting 18" x 13"

Amitabha Buddha is the most ancient of all the Dhyani Buddhas. He is always red originating from the red syllable HRIH. The Celestial Amitabha Buddha holds in his hands the bottle of immortal life. In Tantric Buddhism, he is the focal point of spiritual practices that conceive of the body as a vessel of enlightenment. Meditating upon his radiant form confers long life and transcendent vision. Crowned in the jewels of impartial awareness, he emanates from the hearts of all beings as the unbounded life force of the entire universe. When we recognize Amitabha as nothing more than our own true nature, the seeds of immortality spontaneously ripen.  Amitabha, the protector of the subtle body, ensures spiritual well-being from which physical health naturally flows.

Handpainted by monks in Mongolia

Amitabha: Buddha Boundless Life Mongolian Thangka

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