Gajasimha Ox Cart Prow Decoration

7" High x 2.5" Wide x 20" Long

The gajasimha or gajasiha is a mythical hybrid animal in Hindu mythology, appearing as a sinha or rajasiha ,mythical lion,with the head or trunk of an elephant. It is found as a motif in Indian and Sinhalese art and is used as a heraldic symbol in some Southeast Asian countries, especially Cambodia and Thailand. In Siam ,pre-modern Thailand, the gajasimha served as the symbol of the kalahom, one of the king's two chief chancellors.

Please refer back to the information about Burmese Bullock Cart Prow Decorations on the previous page.

Handmade in teak wood in Burma

Gajasimha Ox Cart Prow Decoration

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