Hcaytanar, Benevolence, Burmese Lacquerware

4.5" High x 11" Wide x 7.5" Deep                          Please refer to the Lacquerware description on the previous page.  Hcaytanar is an offering box for collecting things.  The animals represent the day of the week a person is born with two elephants on Wednesday  , one for being born before noon and one for after.  The other creatures are the Garuda for Sunday,   the Tiger for Monday, the Lion for Tuesday  , the two Elephants for Wednesday, the Rat for Thursday, a Guinea Pig for Friday, the Naga for Saturday. One duty of a good  Burmese  is to spread Love & Kindness to all humans. Prayers at the household shrine will conclude with " May those born on the seven days be well & happy." These symbols are depicted on lacquerware as an expression of benevolence to all human beings.   There are a few scuff marks from wear over time but this piece is in excellent condition. The top hinges open for use.

Handcrafted in Burma


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