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              Hkyitsuu Ox Cart Prow Decoration

17" High x 5.5" Wide x 5.5" Long

Hkyitsuu is the Burmese name for the Heron.

The heron meaning reflects how you take pride in all your achievements. ... The heron symbolizes stillness and tranquility, and how these two things are needed to recognize opportunities. It also signifies determination, because there will be plenty of marshes and ponds that you will wade through in life as well.

The heron is an elegant bird of typically hunts solo with great patience.

Here he appears to be holding nesting material in his beak.  There is slight damage to one side of his beak as shown, from use over time.

Please refer to the information about Bullock Cart Prow Decorations on the previous page.

This antique piece has been mounted on a stand for easy display.

Handcarved in teak in Burma


Hkyitsuu Ox Cart Prow Decoration

SKU: 316