Kokopelli Jacket

This jacket is handwoven cotton in black with cinnamon trim. The buttons are hand-carved from the bone of the water buffalo which is what the Nepalese eat: they recycle their beef bones. The designs are very folk arty..and here they reflect the Kokopelli design. There are two front pockets.

The design work is all embroidered both on the front and the back.

This jacket is very sturdy. I like to wear it like a top but it can be worn as a jacket as well.

Kokopelli is a Native American Deity, revered by certain Native American groups in the Southwestern region of the United States. It’s a highly symbolic figure and is associated with fertility, music, merrymaking and good luck. While Kokopelli is commonly associated with Native Americans, it’s believed that he may have originated as a representation of Aztec traders, who would journey with a sack on their back, carrying the wares they were wanting to trade.

Medium fits size 6-10

100% Handwoven cotton

Dry Clean or Use Dryell in your dryer

Handmade by Venus Imports in Nepal

Kokopelli Jacket