Rabari Chakla: MIrrors & More

33" High x 33" Wide

This antique chakla was hand made by the  nomadic Rabari tribe of the Kutch desert.  It is meticulously beaded with the tiniest beads of various sizes, clearly all hand made... very labor intensive. Chaklas are  always square. A bride uses it to wrap her dowry items in to take to her new home. Later she hangs in on the wall for decoration.  The design motifs include a multitude of nature images. The motifs they use, colors and images can be read like a book to tell you where she came from & things that have happened in her life. It is a language in beading.

Mirrors, Shisha, represent protection The reflectiveness of the mirrors is considered  to be a shield as well as a way to deflect the evil eye which is believed to bring misfortune & infertility.  Mirrors also are belived to bring  light into darkness , a reminder of their ancient solor worship.

The Tree of LIfe  connects us to the three worlds, writes Jasleen Dhamija, of the tree that both soars upward and plunges deep down while standing erect on the ground.  The Tree of Life concept is sacred to most cultures. Its significance transcends conscious reality, touching the subconscious and beyond the undefinable.

 In Indian culture, elephants are a symbol of mental strength, earthiness and responsibility. Hindus have worshiped elephants for centuries.

Hand Made in Gujarat, India

Rabari Chakla: Mirrors & More

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