Rabari Toran: Buddha, Peacocks, Lions, Cow ,Parrot  & Tree of Life

15" High x 43" Long

This toran was handmade by the nomadic Rabaris peoples in the desert of  Gujarat. It is meticulously beaded with the tiniest beads of various sizes, clearly all hand made... very labor intensive. Torans are decorations placed over important doorways signifying welcome, protection & fertility. The tapering pennants or pattis represent mango leaves . They are considered auspicious & welcoming.  The set of pennants are seen as a protection  like a line of zig zag saw teeth. Women make these torans as part of their dowry goods using colorful bits of favorite cherished fabrics, some embroidered with a mutitude of designs , mirrors or beaded shaped by their hereditary community traditions.  The motifs they use, colors and images can be read like a book to tell you where she came from & things that have happened in her life.  It is a language in stitches.

Buddha is in the center. Buddhism is an ancient Indian religion, which arose in and around the ancient Kingdom of Magadha ,now in Bihar, and is based on the teachings of the Gautama Buddha who was deemed a "Buddha" or "Awakened One". Buddhism spread outside of Magadha starting in the Buddha's lifetime.

The Tree of LIfe  connects us to the three worlds, writes Jasleen Dhamija, of the tree that both soars upward and plunges deep down while standing erect on the ground.  The Tree of Life concept is sacred to most cultures. Its significance transcends conscious reality, touching the subconscious and beyond the undefinable.

Cows are considered sacred by Hindus in India. They were the favorite animal of Lord Krishna, and they serve as a symbol of wealth, strength, and abundance.

The Parrots are seen as messangers. The Peacocks stand for beauty.

The Asiatic Lions are found in the grand Gir National Forest which is the only home of the Asiatic lion in the world.  The tropical dry forests along with tropical grasslands complete with semi and full desert areas allows this lion group to thrive.

Hand Made in Gujarat , India

Rabari Toran: Buddha, Peacocks, Lions...

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