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Sekwin 11, Vintage Burmese Yok-Thei Shadow Box Puppet

21.5" High x 19" Wide x 4.5" Deep

Sekwin, sequin, 11 is a Burmese Yok-Thei Puppet, wearing garments rich in sequin detail, ample couched metallic thread, large thick red, silver, green foil-backed glass roundels & gold leaf on the face & body. The garment is a 19cy court costume. He is famed in a shadow box with a black velvet background & gold leaf paint on all insides of the shadow box.  Such a lovely way to display Sekwin. This being an older piece, there are a few minor dings on the gold leaf on the frame.

Handcrafted in Burma now called Myanmar

Sekwin 11,Vintage Burmese Yok-Thei Shadow Box Puppet

SKU: 2295