24K Gold STatues

5.5" High x 4"Wide x 3" Deep

These statues are bronze done in the Lost Wax Technique allowing for fine detail and they are fire gilded. The faces are 24K powdered gold.


Left: Bhasjya Buddha:

the Medicine or Healing Buddha. He disperses spiritual medicine from the bowl in his lap. He is in the charity mudra.


Middle: The Green Tara. The blue lotus flower (uptala) growing over each shoulder of Green Tara represents enlightenment. Green Tara practice protects devotees from fear and the eight obscurations of pride, delusion, hatred, jealousy, wrong views, avarice, desire and deluded doubts.


Right:Vajrasattva Buddha. The practice of using The Tibetan Bell & Vajra is for Purifying & creatng Balance.  Using the two together leads to enlightenment.

Handcrafted in Nepal

24K Gold Face Statues

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