The Eight Auspicious Symbols: Astamangalas

22.5" x 4.5" Unframed

The Eight Auspicious Symbols of Tibetan Buddhism: The Astamangalas...they represent the offerings that were presented to Shakyamuni Buddha after he attained enlightenment.
  • The Precious Parasol, Chhatra...A silk canopy that is  held above the heads of the enlightened ones giving protection from Evil
  • The Right Turning White Conch Shell,Sankha...An Offering Vessel that represents Buddha's proclamation of truth.
  • The Two Golden Fish, Mastsya... The first incarnation of Vishnu. This symbol represents being rescued from the ocean of misery of earthly existence.
  • The Knot of Eternity,Shirivasta...The endless knot , luck knot,life knot, love knot: unending love & harmony
  • The Vase of Great Treasures,Kalasa...Containing  Amrit, the water or elixir of immortality and symbolizes plenty
  • The The Victory Banner, Dhvaja...A symbol of Buddha's victory over the four maras...the victory of Buddhist teachings over ignorance
  • The Lotus Flower... It grows from the dark watery mire but is unstained by it, symbolizing purity and renunciation
  • The Eight Spoked Golden  Wheel, Charka Wheel...A symbol of absolut completeness as well as the wheel of law which turns twelve times for each of the four noble truths in Buddhism
  • Handpainted by monks in Nepal

The Eight Auspicious Symbols: Astamangalas

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