Tibetan Singing Dril Bhu & Dorje

Tibetan Singing Dril Bhu & Dorje

Please use the Dorje,in Tibetan or Vajra,in Sanskrit to hold the intention of your prayer or mediation.

It is considered to be inseparable from the bell called Dril Bhu in Tibetan or Ghanta in Sanskrit. When used together,they help you reach Enlightenment.The Dorje is the symbol of the indestructible, the male principle, the means of salvation. The Dril Bhu is the symbol of the void,the female principal, wisdom. When these two come together, an inner mystical unity is achieved.

Hold the Dorge in your right hand & the Dril Bhu in the left hand.The Dorje was also used by Tibetan monks to close their cloaks, thus keeping it handy for use.The monk would use the Dorje in the infinity eight pattern to send the intention of the prayer out to the universe & back.

You may then use the stick to invite the bell to sing on the bottom rim, like a singing bowl. The crystal clear sound clears Chakras & dispels any negative  energy in your person, space or objects . The size of the bell dictates what frequency the bell will sound.

Large: G # sounding the deepest grounding your energy tin your Root Chakra

Middle : D#  sounding a frequency that suits your Heart & Throat Chakras

Small:  F# sounding a frequency that suits your Third Crown & Crown Chakras. I call this the Angel Bell.

You may find yourself attracted to the bell you need in this moment while many prefer to have all three bells for use in the healing arts.

Hand Made in Nepal

Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony. - Leonardo da Vinci 1451-1519

Tibetan Singing Dril Bhu & Dorje

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