Vintage Kutch Embroidered Toran

17.5" High x 43" Long

This toran was handmade by the Sindhis peolpe from Sindh, Pakistan using the interlacing stitch. Torans are decorations placed over important doorways signifying welcome, protection & fertility. The tapering pennants or pattis represent mango leaves . They are considered auspicious & welcoming.  The set of pennants are seen as a protection  like a line of zig zag saw teeth. Women make these torans as part of their dowry goods using colorful bits of favorite cherished fabrics, some embroidered with a mutitude of designs , mirrors or beaded shaped by their hereditary community traditions.  The motifs they use, colors and images can be read like a book to tell you where she came from & things that have happened in her life.  It is a language in stitches.

There is a small red discoloration on each side of the piece from wear over time

Hand Made in Sindh, Pakistan

Vintage SindhiEmbroidered Toran

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