Walking in Buddha's Path Kalaga

43" High x 31" Wide

Walking in Buddha's Path is a Kalaga  meant to remind us that Buddha was present on earth and left a spiritual path to be followed.  Peace exists in every step & in every moment.  There are the 108 Auspicious Symbols on the foot of Buddha.

In Buddhism, according to Bhante Gunaratana this number is reached by multiplying the senses smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight, and consciousness by whether they are painful, pleasant or neutral, and then again by whether these are internally generated or externally occurring, and yet again by past, present and future, finally we get 108 feelings. 6 × 3 × 2 × 3 = 108.

The foot is surrounded by 12 images. The double fish represents good fortune and abundance. There are five representations of Asuras, who are  powerful superhuman demigods . There is the Makara, the fish bodied elephant who guards gateways and thresholds. There is the Chinthe, the lion guardian. There is the sacred ox, Samaree.  I have found no information about the  Ram, Crab and Lobster images unfortunately.  There are elephants with their riders appearing to be in battle at the top and the bottom of the piece.  This piece has two golden rings at each top end for easy hanging.

Please refer to the previous page for the creation story of this beautiful piece.  This is an older piece in great condition....very detailed work.

Hand Made in Burma now called Myanmar

Walking in Buddha's Path Kalaga

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