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             Wambile & Luutway, Antique Burmese Yok-Thei Puppet Couple

Wambile & Luutway are  sold  as a pair : 14.5" Tall x 9" Wide x 4" Deep

Wambile & Luutway are  Burmese Yok-Thei   Puppets. Please refer to the information on the previous page about the history & traditions of this form of puppetry.

They are  carved in teak wood with   authentic vintage costumes rich in sequin detail, ample couched metllic thread, large thick red, silver, green foil backed glass roundels & gold leaf on the face & body. The garment is 19cy court costume. They are fully functional .  They have gold leaf bodies. They look great sitting as well as hanging.

The Burmese are Master Puppeters creating awesome shows for the wonderment of all. Their costumes are magnificent, often showing the intricate sequin work for which the Burmese are so well known.

Handcrafted in Burma now called Myanmar

Wambile & Luutway, Antique Burmese Yok-Thei Puppet Couple

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