Water & Moon Kuan Yin

11.5" High x 7.5" Wide x 5.5" Deep

Water & Moon Kuan Yin is bronze done in the Lost Wax Technique allowing for all the fine details.  Water & Moon Kuan Yin represents not only compassion but is seen as a savior of those in distress. The stance , known as lalitasana, the pose of regal ease, suggests the confidence of royalty, the self assurance of imperil power. But there is a softness & delicacy expressed in the extended right hand & the modeling.  Kuan Yin has been likened to silk: soft & supple yet strong & regal.  Kuan Yin is expressed as either male or female, showing the balance of  her nature.

Handcrafted in Thailand

Water & Moon Kuan Yin

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