Winter Hats,Fingerless Gloves,
Felted Bags & Pouches

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Nepalese Fingerless Gloves, Headbands & Hats

The following items are all Hand Knit or Crocheted in Yak Wool in Nepal.  They are super soft and each piece is lined in cotton fleece for additional comfort. The fleece lining also adds another layer of protection from the wind & cold temperatures. Some of the fingerless gloves have a slit for the thumb and some have a partial covering for the thumb. They are not sized but each has a lot of potential for expanding, thus they fit most people. Some of the fingerless gloves are shown with either a headband or hat that matches.  However, there are many fingerless gloves that can team with other hats or headbands if you are looking for gifting or using them as a set.  We have found that these are great presents because they are universally loved with great prices for such beautiful handcrafted goods.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart:  Warm those  Hands Up!

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The Flapper: Fuschia, Multi & Turquoise

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