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Creature Comforts, operating since 1980, exists to honor and help kindle respect for cultural diversity. There is an intellectual and spiritual web of life created by the cultures of the world.  Modern times encroach on ancient skills, wisdom, and languages.  To lose the richness that this web offers is a reality that we face.  It is our hope that by offering these handcrafted goods by indigenous craftspeople to a world market, we will allow these peoples to preserve their culture, artistry, stories, and identity.

Our website is very diverse with offerings from Asian Antiques & Collectibles, as well as, Colorful Eclectic Clothing & Accessories, Children's Sweaters & Fairy Dresses, Wounaan Baskets & Embera Masks, Vintage Puppets, Earth Keeper Dolls, Singing Bowls & Sacred Thangkas and so much more!

Asian Statues, elephants, giraffe, spiritual figurines at Creature Comforts

Explore this diverse Asian Collection representing many different artistic mediums, techniques, cultures, spiritual philosophies, and ways of life.

Latin Arts for sale including rainforest baskets, plates, and masks of the Wounaan and Embera Indians

Discover intricate rainforest baskets, plates, and masks of the Wounaan and Embera Indians Darien Province of Panama.

I AM Collection - Earth Keeper Dolls by Kim Elkins

I AM. . . created by Creature Comforts for Old Souls. New editions include World Dolls: Keepers of the Earth Dolls by Kim Elkins. 

Creature Comforts Ladies Scarves: silk, cotton and rayon

Choose from outrageous bold colorful hats to beautiful handbags. If you are looking for unique and earthy accessories you can find them here.

fun animal hats, glovens and slippers for children

Fun Animal Hats, Glovens & Slippers are Fair Trade and they are hand-knit in Ecuador in Alcapa Wool. The cute glovens can also be used as hand puppets. 

Jeri, I just received everything and I am comparing myself to a kid in a candy store! I am beaming - these beautiful clothes will help me feel like a spring chicken!! They are all so lovely. Well, I certainly will order more clothes soon! We are in the process of selling our home! As soon as that happens I will be online and ordering more! 


Thank you for your splendid packaging!

~ Darcie Edwards
from California

Tribal Textiles of India


The Tribal Textiles & fabric arts of India are exquisite. Since these arts are very labor-intensive, we are seeing less of them in modern times. Lifestyles of nomadic & indigenous peoples are changing with less time to create fabrications as they did in the past.  Some of the younger people have no interest in these arts anymore or create inferior tourist-grade pieces. To own one of these pieces is a way to preserve and respect these arts. Shop our rare collection of mostly antique elaborately embroidered & beaded Wall Hangings, Bedspreads, Throws, Pillows, Rugs, and much more from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

The act of sewing is a process of emotional repair....Louis Bourgeois

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