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A Visit to Creature Comforts is an
Unforgettable Experience


Journey to the rural magic of Hansville, Washington 20 minutes from the Kingston Ferry…and expect, the unexpected!

The entrance to Owl's Peak is bordered by a now-famous fence. I designed these animal-headed posts and had them carved in Monkeypod wood in 1989 in Thailand.

This is just the introduction to the unique collection of architectural statements for both the interior and the garden you will find when you arrive at The "Barn" at Owl's Peak. There is so much to see!

You are greeted with the sculpture garden under the Thai-style arbor. The first impression when you enter The "Barn" is often one of astonishment. You will need ample time to leisurely browse this unique collection from around the world. We are always ready with the creation stories of these fine goods.

Upstairs is an explosion of color and texture of the wide array of clothing, accessories, tapestries, pillows, and bedspreads. Visitors have described this as "like entering a rainbow".

Then if you have time, we invite you to the Big Room in our home on the premises to view larger pieces of art and furniture.  Here you enter a museum atmosphere through ancient hand-carved doors from India.


Fine handicrafts from around the world include: 

  • Ancient Artifacts and Folk Art

  • Bold Furniture both old and new, carved from recycled teak

  • Collectible Buddhas

  • Hand Carved Creature Sculptures

  • Hand Painted Celedon Pottery

  • Bronze Deities, Creatures & Door Handles

  • Charming Puppets & Dolls

  • Sacred Thangkas

  • Burmese Kalagas

  • Eclectic Colorful Clothing & Accessories

  • For the Children: Fairy Dresses & Sweaters

  • Batik Garden Banner Flags

  • Baskets, Chests, Boxes

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bells & Gongs

  • Watertight Baskets by Wounaan Indians

  • Hand Woven Masks by the Embera Indians'

I started importing goods from Thailand, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Panama & Mexico in 1985. This has been the most rewarding journey. I have been a Fair Trade business from the start. It has always been my passion to work directly with the craftspeople in these countries to preserve  & support their Arts & Way of Life.

My Life Partner, Nick Reeves, has joined me in this venture in recent years.  He is an asset to me & 4Creature Comforts in every way.

Come join us for a tour...and Bring your Friends.



Jeri Hansen   Reeves 

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