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The Embera are a riverine people building their homes on banks of river systems in Columbia & Panama. They are also known as the Choco or Katio Indians, When I was living in Panama I had the pleasure to visit many villages especially on the Charges River, close to my home in Jose Pobre near Portobello. They share the skills of the Wounaans in creating world-class baskets and masks from the palm tree. These masks are used in shamanic ceremonies depicting nature & fantasy images brought to the weaver by the shamans, jaibanas, after a shamanic journey. Some of these images are so whimsical they just bring joy to see them.  As the world continues to change at such a rapid pace, these arts are diminishing. To be able to have such a piece of art helps to preserve the history of these peoples and their arts.

Home is Where the Heart Is

embera grand.png
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