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Furniture & Art
& Unique Pieces

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Our furniture is hand-made in Thailand, India, Indonesia & Mongolia. Most of this furniture is teak, rose, or monkey pod wood. All of them are solid wood and look good even free-standing because the backs are wood, not particle board. Many have rustic metal hinges or embellishments, hand carving, or hand-painted designs. They all will add character & charm to your home decor design.

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito... Dalai Lama

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Studded Doors

This door was the start of our last container... we fell in love with it! A Fully Functional Antique Door from India:
Pure Statement.
Handmade in India  Northern Rosewood
94" High x 51.5" Wide x 8" Deep    $6200.00



This antique entrance piece is carved deeply with precision. Ganesha & his two wives, Siddhi ( Spiritual Power) & Buddhi ( Intellect) are carved on the header.
Handmade in India    Northern Rosewood
82" High x 68.5" Wide x 6" Deep    $6200.00



Elephant Cabinet

This cabinet has six doors that close with wooden latches. Inside there are six separate cabinet compartments something unusual & very useful.
Handmade in India   Northern Rosewood    72" High x 42" Wide x 14.5" Deep     $3850.00
And Yes, the Stunning German Shepard is for sale too!
Handmade in India   Northern Rosewood    39" High x 8" Wide x 46" Deep   $1295.00

IMG_7047 (2).JPEG

  Blue Jali Divider

This intricately carved antique blue jali divider allowed an Indian woman to see but not be seen.
Handmade in India   Northern Rosewood
84" High x 54" Wide x 4" Deep    $3850.00

Loveseat in Blue

This antique loveseat has so much intrigue. It is comfortable as is however I can visualize a cushion for further comfort...a one-of-a-kind.
Handmade in India    Northern Rosewood
39" High x 61 " Wide x 21" Deep     $1950.00

IMG_5937 - Copy.JPEG
DSC02432 (2).JPG

What a Rocking Horse

This is an antique Indian rocking horse in teak.

He has charisma!

Handmade in India    Northern Rosewood

41" High x 15" Wide x 57" Deep   $2200.00

Blue Horse

 On Wood Wheels

There are two of these large horses on wood wheels painted in Indian Folkart style. Yummy! They actually move on their wood "hooves"!
Handmade in India   Northern Rosewood
50" High x 17" Wide x 42" Deep 

$1850.00 Each

IMG_5925 - Copy.JPEG
IMG_5924 - Copy.JPEG

Eucalyptus Rounds Tables

This Side Table has a metal frame with a top made of cross section rounds of Eucalyptus.
I would add a glass topper two inches wider than the top.There are two side tables and also a coffee table...making a stunning family or  living room set.
Handmade in Thailand  Side Table: 23.5" High x 19.5" Square     $345.00
                        Coffee Table: 18" High x 48" Wide x 35"  $685.00

IMG_5927 - Copy.JPEG

Antique Thai Ham Yon

Ham Yong Carved Lintel are placed over doorways in Thailand to protect the owner from evil Spirits.
Handmade in Thailand    Teak Wood
18" High x 53" Wide x 1" Deep     $575.00


Thai Hamsa Birds

In Thailand, Hamsa Birds are considered to be Celestial Swans....carved in Thailand in teak wood.

Handmade in Thailand   Teak Wood

15.5" High x 36" Wide x 1" Deep     395.00  

IMG_5931 - Copy.JPEG

Classic Lanna Thai Design Teak Wall Carving

This is a magnificent teak carving. The flower and leaf patterns are classic Lanna Thai design.Please look at the wood carving pages in the Asian Arts Collection for videos and information on the art of carving. : Deities and Animal. The center wheel is probably the Buddhist Wheel of Law.
Handcarved in Thailand          19.5" High  x 97" Wide x 1" Deep      $995.00


Antique Pair

of Flower Carvings

This pair of teak carvings is exceptional & old style.

A rare find.

Handcarved in Thailand

35" High x 14" Wide x 1" Deep Each

Pair: $495.00

IMG_7569 (3).JPEG

  antique Pair of Naga Temple


Phaya Nagas are a divine race of half-serpent-like beings who live in Patala, the netherworld.  They are bringers of the rain & protectors o of the Buddha.

They have the ability to shapeshift. The Thais hold the belief that Nagas are their ancestors.

This pair is in excellent condition...Burmese-style gilded lacquerware.

40" High x 14" Long x 6" Deep         early 1900s         Pair : $2450.00


Four Elephant Leg Table

These tables are carved in monkey pod wood. The round top is rich in swirling grain.

Handcarved in Thailand

20" High x 18.5" Diameter


IMG_5929 - Copy.JPEG

Recycled Teak Table

This unusual table is all recycled teak wood with old wagon wheel hubs as part of the charm of the legs.
Handmade in Thailand
29" High x 70" Wide x 35.5" Deep

IMG_5926 - Copy.JPEG

The Elephant Supports This

How fun to see this handcarved table supported by the elephant trunk....carved in monkey pod wood.

Handcarved in Thailand

22" High x 19.5" Diameter



Therapon Angel Teak Shutters

This is a shutter  carved with Thai Therapon Angel Guardians that could be built into a home or garden or simple hung as an art piece.

Handmade in Thailand

48" High  x 50" Wide x 3" Deep         $695.00


Siamese Rough Bush

This is a spectacular piece. There is a lot of preparation of the bush to arrive at this bleached look.  It looks fragile but it's not. The lighting adds to the stunning look

Handmade in Thailand

36" High x 23" Wide x 12.5" Deep     $445.00

IMG_7593 (2).jpeg

Pedestal Table

This tall square Asian Style table is hand carved in Monkey Pod Wood. The height of  this table makes it very functional behind a couch or any area where you need height for a lamp or art.
32" High x 12" Square

Pig mask up.PNG

Antique Kalimantan Pig Masks

This mask and the one on the right are from Borneo. You can operate the mouth from the back. They both have fur on the forehead, ears & tusks
44" High x 22" Wide x 10" Deep


Burmese Teak Panels with Therapon Angels

This pair of panels are carved in a very thick piece of teak. The Hamsa bird at the top & the Angel Therapon standing on a Lion representing Buddha

48" High x 17.5" Wide x 4" Deep


DSC02435 (2).JPG

Peacock Cabinet

This cabinet has peacocks carved on the front & both side panels symbolizing beauty, love & romance. There are shelves inside.
Carved in Monkey Pod Wood in Thailand
32" High x 19" Wide x 12" Deep

DSC02440 (2).JPG

Antique Indian Damchiya

This Damchia would be from a wealthy farmer perhaps. Extraordinary carving. A great sideboard piece for a dining room. There is a central door giving entry for storage.

Handcarved in North India Rosewood

41" High x 50" Wide x 26" Deep


IMG_7567 (3).JPEG
DSC02443 (2).JPG

Hand-Carved Teak Thai Naga


Nagas are loved in Thailand. They are a divine race of beings who live in Patala, the netherworld. The Thais believe that nagas are their ancestors. Nagas bring rain & control it...they are the protectors of all water as well as Buddha.

This is a large carving in teak of a naga with exceptional detail.

45" High x 26" Long x 6" Deep

Hand carved in Thailand.


Teak Altar

This teak altar can be used in a garden setting as teak wood is so resistant to the elements and insects. If you have a designated altar or meditation space, this is perfect for the inside as well.
Handcarved in Teak Wood in Thailand
63" High x 27" Wide x 21" Deep

DSC02445 (2).JPG
DSC02463 (2).JPG

Large Shakyamuni Buddha

This Shayamuni Buddha, Earth Witnessing Buddha's moment of enlightenment is carved out of a single piece of teak
Handcarved in Teak Wood in Thailand
44" High x 36" Wide x 24" Deep

Sukothai Teak Curio Cabinet

This honey teak cabinet is two pieces. The main cabinet sits on the bottom stand, a classic Burmese-Thai furniture design. There is one pane of glass missing on the right-side panel.

Handcarved in Teak Wood in Thailand

66.5" High x 44" Wide x 21" Deep


IMG_7577 (2) - Copy.JPEG

Antique Burmese Ox Cart Prow

Travel for work & pleasure was by ox cart in Burma & other Southeast Asian countries for centuries. Festival carts were always decorated elaborately including these sculptures that reflect the culture & mythology. These ox cart decorations were attached to the prow for protecting passengers as well as acting as a pointer.

This piece cerca 1900 has the carving of a farmer carrying a yoke. It l looks like there is another figure behind him with his head buried in the lotus blossoms.

26" High x 28" Long x 6.25" Deep

Handcarved in Burma     


DSC02457 (2)_edited.jpg

Large Teak Parrot Frame

This teak frame with parrots and flowers is a deep carving in teak...perfect for a full-size mirror

Handcarved in Teak Wood in Thailand

72" High x 30" Wide x 3" Deep


DSC02451 (2).JPG

Antique Frogs in Love

This is a very unique antique carving from Burma. Mating frogs are a symbol of fertility.

Handcarved in Teak Wood in Burma

12" High x 14" Wide x 26" Deep



Khmer Bayon Buddha Bust

This Buddha Bust is hand-carved in Teak Wood on a large block of wood. The carving is a classic Khmer Bayon Style.
Handcarved in  Burma
48" High x 18" Wide x 18" Deep

DSC02461 (2).JPG
DSC02462 (2).JPG

Bird Frames

Either of these two frames will make a lovely mirror

The one with Herons is carved in monkey Pod Wood: 47" High x 23" Wide x 2" Deep   $145.00

The one with Parrots is carved in Teak Wood:

40" High x 24" Wide x " Deep    $285.00

DSC02456 (2).JPG

Antique Sleigh Style Chest

This antique chest hinges open. Inside there is a shallow tray that lifts out beside a lidded narrow box It is painted cinnabar red inside. Handmade  in  Burma
25" High x 36" Wide x 21" Deep   $395.00

DSC02460 (2).JPG

Antique Burmese

Lion Footed Cabinet

This cabinet, without door glass, is beautifully painted. The side panels are full of flowers and two Singha Lions. At the back of each shelf is a stenciled mythological Thai creature
Handmade  in  Burma
66" High x 33" Wide x 19" Deep

DSC02469 (2).JPG

Antique Dragon Mirror

This mirror frame will need a mirror  & the dragon is missing a piece of his lower jaw although it is barely noticeable. Despite this, it is a charming unique piece

Handmade  in  Burma

35.5" High x 15" Wide x 3.5" Deep


DSC02470 (2).JPG
DSC02476 (2).JPG
DSC02474 (2).JPG

This trio of cabinets are just yummy!  The Floral & Elephant designs are beautifully executed.
They have sliding teak bars for latches.
Handcrafted in Thailand
The two cabinets on the sides are the same size: 36"High x 21.5" Wide x 12" Deep   
Door Doors: $595.00        Glass Doors: $595.00
The tallest one in the middle : 51" High x 23" Wide x 13" Deep       $895.00

DSC02475 (2).JPG

Nine Drawer Teak Chest

This nine-drawer chest is very functional for organizing your life! Handcrafted in Thailand

26" High x 26" Wide x 16" Deep


DSC02517 (2).JPG

Antique Architectural Lanna Thai Carvings

There are two of these Antique Teak Carvings with the classic Lanna Thai style of design work.
Handcarved in Thailand
17" High x 30.5" Wide x 3" Deep
$395.00 Each


Pakistani Hand-Knotted Rug

Rugs from Pakistan are noted for their quality workmanship; this rug is no exception.
Handcrafted in Pakistan 3' x 5'   $795.00    

IMG_7572 (3).JPEG

Antique Pair of Temple Phaya Naga Carvings

Nagas are a divine race of half-serpent beings who live in Patala, the netherworld.  Nagas are serpent creatures that stand guard at all Buddhist Wats in Thailand. They wad off evil spirits from entering the temple. They are depicted as great crested serpents with wings & a deadly poison.  The King of Nagas, these Nagas are the bringers of rain  & abundance as well as control the rain &n protect all waters. They also protect Buddha. They have the ability to shapeshift. The Thais believe that Nagas are their ancestors.

These temple panels are in excellent condition...probably from about 1900. They are gilded molded lacquerware.

30" High x 30.5" Wide x 2.5" Deep

Handcarved in Burma

Pair: $2895.00

IMG_7586 (3).JPEG
IMG_7581 (3).JPEG

Antique Burmese Ox CartDecorations

Travel for work or leisure was by ox cart in Burma & other Southeast Asian countries for centuries. Festival carts were always decorated elaborately including a hand-carved decoration such as these attached to the prow of the cart. They protected the passengers as well as acting as a pointer responsible for guiding the cart. Typically they were painted in bright colors like the one on the left.

Both of these pieces are from the early 1900s. The one on the left has a charming Thai angel as the central motif. The one on the right has a winged horse as its theme

The one on the left: 29.5" High x 23" Long x 6" Deep: $795.00

The one on the right: 26" Hugh x 23.5" Long x 6" Deep: $695.00

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