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Garden Art for Locals

We have an intriguing selection of Garden Art to choose from.  Most of these pieces are too large or awkward for shipping, however.  If you live close enough to come to browse these treasures, you are welcome to make an appointment. 
We have a sculpture garden for viewing these pieces. If you fall in love with something, we can check on shipping costs to your destination. The prices listed here do not include shipping. Enjoy!
The Quieter You Become, the More You Hear....Ram Dass

Thai Teak & Monkeypod Carvings

Wood carving is an art passed down within families traditionally in Southeast Asia. The carvers of Thailand are famous for their skills resulting in intricate carvings that seem impossible to create. Teak wood is the preferred wood of carvers because it is easy to carve and is relatively resistant to the elements and insects. Monkey-pod wood comes in second to teak for carving. Although not as hard a wood as teak it carves well. Monkey-pod trees grow fast and are quite large. The hill country around the city of Chiangmai in northern Thailand was once the Kingdom of Lanna. It was rich in teak, one of the world’s great durable timbers: once used for ocean-going sailing ships, teak can also be carved into details the thickness of a leaf.

With this legacy, the region evolved into a woodworking culture and became the workbench of the nation. The tools Lanna carvers use are pre-industrial: black- smith-made from reclaimed railway lines or car springs. The handles are crude sticks from a local shrub selected because it doesn’t split. The gouges are not made in precise dimensions and are, curiously, beveled on both faces.


Fung Chang

Fafaed: Twins

Elephant herds on the move in these charming horizontal teak panals.

4cc8445        8" H x 83-89" W x 2.5" D          $395.00

DSC01782 (3).JPG

Fung Ma

Herd of horses carved in teak wood galloping to the right

4cc1782             19" H x 57" W x 9" D                 1895.00

These mirror-image horse carvings are monkeypod wood

42" H x 26.5" L x 6" W

4cc499                              795.00 each

DSC01759 (2).JPG

Khwb Ma

Teak carving of horses galloping to the left

4cc1759              19H x 69" W x 13" D                       1895.00

DSC01777 (2).JPG
DSC01776 (2).JPG
DSC01774 (2).JPG




Hens & chicks carving in teak

4cc1777        20" H x 7" W x 4" D     165.00

Chickens & chicks carved in teak

4cc1776       26" H x 9" W x 4" D                165.00

Antique Thai mortar for grinding grains with elephants carved encircle

4cc1774        19" H x 16" Diameter            695.00

DSC01769 (2).JPG

Sam chaNG

Elephants carved in teak driftwood with hangers on the back

4cc1769            9.5" H x 29" L x 6" D                  175.00

DSC01766 (2).JPG


Vintage trough with carvings of elephants on both sides...a great planter box

4cc1766          6" H x 26.5" W x 12" D              265.00


Floral Columns

These teak floral columns are intricately carved in the Lanna Thai style of swirling flowers and leaves

Only 3 available

4cc447                                                  84" H x 9" W x 2" D                                            495.00 each

DSC01786 (2).JPG

Deer Plaques

Deer Plaques carved in teak, available facing Left or right. They make a great pair facing each


These are avaiable to ship under Asian arts, Wood carvngs                     4cc1786   

24" H x8" W x 1.5" D              58.00

DSC04165 (2).JPG

Ele Plaque: Left

Ele plaque carved in teak facing to the left

These are available to ship under Asian Arts, Wood Carvings

4cc2387                   22" H x 8" W x 1.5" D


DSC04164 (2).JPG

Ele plaque

Ele plaque carved in teak facing right here and another one available facing  left...a great pair

These are available to ship under Asian Arts, Wood Carvings

4cc2388                       24" H x 8" w x 1.5" D 



Lying Down Deer

Lying down deer carved in monkeypod wood...available facing left or right...they are truly "Dear".  The smallest ones are sold out

3 available facing left / 1 facing right

These are available to ship under Asian Arts, Wood Carvings

4cc8555             Medium: 14" H x 4" W x 12" L               44.00


Thai teak Spirit House

DSC01745 (2).JPG

Thai Teak Spirit House

This is a classic style Thai Spirit House

4cc1741             23"H x 14" W x21" L    345.00

All Thai homes and businesses have a Spirit House to honor the Spirits of the land to ensure a happy, harmonic family or prosperous business.

Daily offerings of incense, water, wine, food, flowers, and candles, are made in respect and gratitude.

They are designed to be placed on a post outside the home, but some prefer to have one in the house...such a lovely tradition.

We have a Spirit House behind the "Barn at Owl's Peak" in a meditation garden for our and your pleasure when visiting us.

There is a tablet of paper and pen handy by our entrance door for you to use to write any prayers you have and place them inside the Spirit House.

 Each night we burn them with intention and more prayers. 

Quirky Clay CReatures on
driftwood by nick reeves

We fell in love with these quirky clay creatures made by an imaginative Thai artist we adore in Chaing Mai. There are birds of different sizes, owls, and fish. There are birds to purchase separately in all three sizes for your projects.

My husband, Nick immediately envisioned these fun sculptures placed on driftwood for your garden. If you have a favorite piece of your driftwood, Nick will work with that as well.

DSC02289 (2).JPG


Sunee has 3 small, 2 medium, and 1 large clay bird sculptures

4cc2289        13" H x 52" W x 28" D                   125.00

DSC02290 (2).JPG

Thang sam khn

Thang Sam Khn has 3 unique owl clay sculptures...they make me smile!

4cc2290         13" H x 52" W x 28" D             78.00

DSC02285 (2).JPG


Pichu has 2 small and 1 large clay bird sculptures

4cc2285                 8" H x 32" W x 8"                     78.00

DSC02281 (2).JPG


Chompoo has 3 fish clay sculptures.... perfect for the fisherperson.

4cc2281               8" H x 28" W x 7" D           98.00

Geared metal art

This is a relatively new art from Thailand....unique art made from recycled gears and things.

Each piece is striking! 

DSC01757 (2)_edited.jpg
IMG_3014 (2)_edited.jpg

Geared horse heads

These Geared Horse Heads are gorgeous statement pieces ...especially for horse lovers. Perfect  for thhe barn or on a fence..

There are 3 available : 2 facig right and 1 facing left

4cc1757                                                  48" H x 43" W x 7" D                                                                        1895.00

DSC01779 (2).JPG

butterflies in gear

Butterfly in Gear is an intricate compilation of recycled bits.4cc1779                22" H x 33" W x 4" D                495.00


red butterfly

Red Butterfly will brighten up any spot

4cc1778      19" H x 26" W x 7" D                395.00

DSC01780 (2)_edited.jpg


Snim is a Rustic Rusty Fish Plaque great for those who love fishing or fish.

4cc1780                   21" H x 70" W x 2" D                                485.00

DSC01789 (2)_edited.jpg


Azteca  is from the Yucatan, Mexico...a Mayan image carved on a stone plaque

4cc1789             12" H x 19" W x 6" D              225.00

DSC01787 (2).JPG

lava stone elephant

This elephant is carved in lava stone from the Yucatan, Mexico

4cc1787    19" H x 16" W x 27" D            1295.00

ship life rings

These ship life rings are a lovely decoration for a boat house or dock, but even if you don't live on the beach, you'll find them a charming nautical accent inside or out.

DSC01784 (2).JPG

Bangkok 2

4cc1784                           125.00

DSC01783 (2).JPG

Bangkok 1

4cc1783                             125.00

DSC01785 (2).JPG


4cc1785                          125.00

DSC01781 (2).JPG

Hong Kong

4cc1781                      125.00

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