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Garden Art for Locals

We have an intriguing selection of Garden Art to choose from.  Most of these pieces are too large or awkward for shipping, however.  If you live close enough to come to browse these treasures, you are welcome to make an appointment. 
We have a sculpture garden for viewing these pieces. If you fall in love with something, we can check on shipping costs to your destination. The prices listed here do not include shipping. Enjoy!
The Quieter You Become, the More You Hear....Ram Dass

DSC01757 (2).JPG
DSC01758 (2).JPG

Creative Welded Art from Thailand Horse Heads

Recycling old gears & things... truly remarkable! Amazing Statement Pieces
These Horse Heads are very large: 44" High x 45" Wide x 9" Deep
DSC01778 (2).JPG
DSC01779 (2).JPG
Red Butterfly
19" High x 26" Wide X 7" Deep
Butterfly in Gear
22" High x 33" Wide x 4" Deep
DSC01792 (2).JPG
DSC01790 (2).JPG
Geared up Owl
20" High x 14" Wide x 5" Deep

The Thai Deer Story ...Where They Went & How They are Doing!

In 1990 I brought four deer carved out of single Monkey Pod Trees to Hansville from Thailand... These majestic sculptures stand 14' tall. When I bought them, I knew that sculptures of this size would not be seen again. Even though Monkey Pod grows quickly in warm climates, those giant trees were gone. I kept two while two were sold.  The two I kept were compromised with cracks & holes here & there, however. As the years went by they changed due to the elements here in the North West, developing deeper holes. And body parts like ears fell off. I had removed the antlers early on due to the ravens who would sit on them in great numbers. The wood antlers were not designed to hold that much weight. A beautiful white horse who wondered my property in the 1990s named Honey loved to scratch her back on the deer causing one of them to fall over. The spot on my property where these deer stood was visible from the street. I came to find out how loved they were by the public as I would get phone calls from people saying their children were crying about the fallen deer. I went into action getting the deer to stand again, this time with guide wires to keep her standing. These deer were a Hansville icon for almost 30 years.


Dear friends & art patrons, Kim McElroy & Rod Taggart were interested in taking them to their amazing home in Kingston where they would be undercover. Plus, they had a plan to have the deer reconstructed. I was thrilled to know that they would come back to life in the hands of these compassionate friends. And so the end of this story is that the deer have indeed come back to be what they once were...whole & happy. Kim & Rod have a family of deer that they love, feed & watch over. It is so rewarding to see them interact with the Thai deer.

The deer reconstruction was done by Jeff Owens. Jeff is a remarkable bronze artist. Please visit him at his FOG Gallery 88977 Three Tree lane Bainbridge Island:


Kim McElroy is an amazing artist specializing in horse art. She has her studio & gallery at their house. Please contact her to visit her gallery & you will see the deer tall & proud at their farm, SkyeLandeSea

Enjoy the slide show tells the story of the deer move and pictures of them today

DSC01464 (3).JPG
DSC01865 (2).JPG
DSC01464 (3).JPG
DSC01864 (2).JPG

Thai Teak Spirit House
All Thai homes & businesses have a Spirit House to honor the Spirits of the land where you now live or have your business to ensure a happy, harmonic family or prosperous business. Daily offerings of incense, water, food & flowers are made in respect & gratitude. In Thailand typically these Spirit Houses are located outside the front of the house sitting on a pedestal at chest level. Placing the Spirit House inside, however, is still proper.


Thai Teak Spirit House in Our New Meditation Garden
A new addition to your next visit to the barn at Owl's Peak will reveal our newest feature, the meditation garden. If you have time, please come to sit & contemplate. The Spirit House was initiated with offerings on August 26, 2020. Here is a short video of this new beginning to honor the Spirits here on our land. Susan & Mark Bowers need to be credited with this lovely new spot & for attending to the Spirit House. They are talented & generous souls
The picture of the Spirit House on the wall on the right is located at Brenda Nixon's house on Miller Bay. Anyone who has attended any of our
Sacred Altar Experience workshops will know Brenda. She offers Spiritual Retreats as well as operating an Air BnB on her property. She is the author of Altars of Intentions.
This Spirit House lights up and is surrounded by Divine objects.
If you want to know more about Brenda & what she offers, please
Oh , and did I mention Brenda has been a delightful harpist for many years.

Joy Follows a Pure Thought like a Shadow that Never Leaves

DSC01745 (2).JPG

Thai Teak Spirit House
23"High x 14" Wide x 21" Deep

Quirky Feather & Fin Creatures on Driftwood

These adorable fellows hanging out on driftwood are handcrafted in clay in Thailand. Nick Reeves is the artist creating these pieces from driftwood collected on our local beaches. The creatures will develop a nice patina as they age outside in the elements.  The birds or fish can come off allowing you to bring them home safely.

DSC02290 (2).JPG

Thang Sam Khn
13" High x 26" Wide x 6" Deep

DSC02289 (2).JPG
DSC02285 (2).JPG

8" High x 16" Wide x 10" Deep

8" High x 32" Wide x 8" Deep

DSC01782 (3).JPG

Fung Ma
19" High x 57" Wide x 9" Deep
Carved in Teak in Thailand

DSC01755 (2).JPG

Chimlin with Gold
10" High x 8" Wide x 15" Deep
Cement Elephant in Festival Dress

DSC01759 (2).JPG

Khwb Ma
19" High x 45" Wide x 9" Deep
Carved in Teak in Thailand


DSC01756 (2).JPG

10" High x 8" Wide x " Deep
Cement Elephant in Festival Dress

DSC01775 (2).JPG

Ha Tea
4" High x 22.5" Wide x 9" Deep
Carved in Teak in Thailand


41" High x 10" Wide x32" long
Carved in MonkeyPod Wood in Thailand


19" High x 16" Diameter
Carved in a Teak Mortar in Thailand

DSC01548 (2).JPG

Kar Kin Hya: Grazing Deer
23" High x 17" Wide x 24" Long
Carved in MonkeyPod Wood in Thailand


Fung Chang
8" High x 86" Wide x 5" Deep
Carved in Teak in Thailand

DSC01776 (2).JPG

26" High x 9" Wide x 4" Deep
Carved in Teak in Thailand

DSC01780 (2).JPG

21" High x 70" Wide x 2" Deep   Metal Cut Out Handcrafted in Thailand

DSC01551 (2).JPG

20" High x 7" Wide x 4" Deep
Carved in Teak in Thailand

DSC01787 (2).JPG

Lava Stone Elephant
19" High x 16" Wide x 27" Deep
Carved in Lava Stone the Yucatan

Floral Columns
84" High x 9" Wide x 2" Deep
Carved in Teak in Thailand
$595.00 each...3  available

DSC01769 (2).JPG

Sam Chang
10" High x 29" Wide x 6" Deep
Carved in Teak in Thailand

DSC01766 (2).JPG

6" High x 26" Wide x 12" Deep
Old Trough Carved in Teak in Thailand

DSC01783 (2).JPG
DSC01785 (2).JPG
DSC01781 (2).JPG
DSC01784 (2).JPG

Ship Life Rings
27" Round
Collected in Thailand

DSC01789 (2).JPG

16.5" High x 23.5" Wide x 2" Deep
Carved in Stone in the Yucatan

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