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Evergreen Guardian

I have been friends with Sanjay & Elizabeth, the owners of Evergreen Guardian Imports,  since 1996. At first, our friendship revolved around all being importers, but we evolved into a very close relationship over the years. They have family in Nepal.  They are active with their Fair Trade business & promoting projects to help the peoples there who have suffered so much from earthquakes and more lately, COVID.

They carry very high-quality clothing that I love to sell. If you look at the pages on Sacred Thankgas, those stunning paintings by monks have come to me through Evergreen Guardian as well.

Specializing in unique, ritual-steeped, and luxurious handcrafted items from the Himalayan region, such as Kashmiri embroidered jackets, colorful fashion accessories like patchwork shirts, a huge variety of shoulder bags, hats, and scarves the selections are incredible. 

The Only Way Out is to Go Through...Tentra Totem Nepalese

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