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Kids Fun Sweaters

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.These sweaters are hand knit in Otavalo Ecuador by Minga Fair Trade Imports.
While enjoying these earth-friendly sweaters, you are helping educate the families of those who created them. They are 100% natural wool, mostly Alpaca wool.  They come in sizes 0 /2 /4...and a few styles are available in size 6. The 0 fits a 1-2-year-old, the 2 fits a 2-4-year-old, the 4 fits a 4-6-year-old and the 6 fits a 6-8-year-old. They are machine washable in cold water in a delicate cycle & air dry. They are very soft with zipper closure. The size 0 has pockets on the Animal Hood Dog & Horse styles only. There are pockets on all sweaters 2-6.
They are in two groups: Animal Hoods with a fleece lining: $60.00
             Regular Unlined Hoods: $55.00
These sweaters have been a favorite of grandparents, parents & kids for a long time.
I often have customers come back every two years to replace an outgrown sweater with a larger size while the first sweater is lovingly handed down to a younger sibling or a friend's child

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