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             Akshamala Prayer Beads

Black Mala Beads: 31" Long     Brown Mala Beads: 26" Long

Akshamala Prayer Beads are a Buddhist rosary consisting of 108 beads. It is usually held in the right hands of deities or lineage masters symbolozing the purity of their speech through mantra recitation, devotion & compassionate awareness.  The number 108 is a sacred or perfect number in Buddhist tradition and corresponds to the classical number of names assigned to a deity or god. As a multiple of 12 & 9 , it represents the nine planets in the twelve  zodiac houses. As a multiple of 4 & 27, it represents the four quarters of the moon in each of the tenty seven  lunar constellations.  It is also the symbol of never ending life.

Hand Made in Nepal

Akshamala Prayer Beads


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