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              Arzoo: Banjara Vintage Wall Hanging or Bedspread

70" x 88"   100% Cotton                 Arzoo means Desire

The nomadic tribes or the Banjaras were wandering groups.  They used to travel from places to place in carts with all the things they owned. They are called the Gypsies of India. They did not limit themselves with the boundaries and binds of the urban life. This spirit of roaming from places to places reflected a sense of liberty. They are also described as hardworking, ingenious, powerful, self-assured and honorable. It was this limitlessness and freedom that is reflected through the Banjara embroidery designs. The traditional craft has been handed from generation to generation and Banjara communities strive to preserve the artwork that they have inherited from their forefathers. Despite their gradual absorption into the mainstream of life, the Banjaras still continue to keep in touch with their age-old customs, traditions and beliefs.

Lambani or Banjara embroidery is a combination of colorful threads, design patters, mirror work, stitching patterns appliqué or patch work.  The cloth is made of cotton khadi dyed with  vegetable dyes made from Rathanjot, Kattha, Chawal Kudi, Pomegranate peel, etc. There are 14 types of stitches used in Banjara embroidery. They are Kilan, Vele, Bakkya, Maki, Suryakanti Maki, Kans, Tera Dora, Kaudi, Relo, Gadri, Bhuriya, Pote, Jollya, Nakra. It also includes running stitches which appear like small dashes that creates a variety of patterns on the cloth. It is stitched with parallel lines and a thread of different color is interwoven between the stitches to create a horizontal pattern. Other than that criss cross pattern, chain stitch and overlaid quilting stitch are also made. Different types of stitch patterns are used while embroidering to give the design a unique look. Combination of vibrant color threads makes the design more striking. Mirrors, called shisha, are placed on the fabric and the thread is embroidered over it to hold the mirror in the thread which prevents it from falling off. Mirrors represent protection The reflectiveness of the mirrors is considered to be a shield as well as a way to deflect the evil eye which is believed to bring misfortune & infertility. Mirrors also are belived to bring light into darkness , a reminder of their ancient solor worship. Traditionally Lambani embroidery was made of wool, cotton, silk, gold or silver threads which added richness to the work.....from Direct Create Community,India

Hand Made in North Gujarat, India


Arzoo: Banjara Vintage Wall Hanging or Bedspread

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