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Batara Kala of Bali: The God of the Underworld Wall Mask

Batara Kala is the god of the underworld in traditional Javanese and Balinese mythology, ruling over it in a cave along with Setesuyara. Batara Kala is also named the creator of light and the earth. He is also the god of time and destruction, who devours unlucky people. He is related to the Hindu concept of Kala, or time. In mythology, he causes eclipses by trying to eat the Sun or the Moon.
According to legend, Batara Kala is the son of Batara Guru. Batara Guru has a very beautiful wife named Dewi Uma (Parvati). One day Batara Guru, in a fit of uncontrolled lust, forced himself on Dewi Uma. They had sexual intercourse on top of his vahana Nandi, a divine cow. This behavior ashamed Uma, who cursed both of them so they appeared as fearsome and ugly ogres. This fierce form of Dewi Uma is also known in Hinduism as Durga. From this relationship, Batara Kala was born with the appearance of an ogre. Batara Kala is described as having an insatiable appetite and being very rude. He was sent by the devas to Earth to punish humans for their evil habits. However, Batara Kala was interested only in devouring humans to satisfy his appetite. Alarmed, the devas then recalled Batara Kala from the Earth. He later became ruler of the underworld, together with the goddess Setesuyara. Traditionally, Javanese people try to obtain his favor, as the god of time and destruction, to prevent misfortune, especially to children.

Here he has a mirror in his chin, typically to reflect evil.

24" High x 17" Wide 9" Deep

Handcarved in Java

Batara Kala of Bali: The God of the Underworld Wall Mask

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