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10" High x 7" Diameter.                       This is an antique Burmese lacquerware piece.  Please refer to the Burmese Lacquerware description on the last page.   This piece is a lidded storage jar with an elephant knob.  Hsun-ok is a coiled bamboo vessel used in Burma to present offerings to Buddhist temples & decorate shrines. Working from bottom to top, the structure is composed of a pedestal base, occasionally a removable tray inside the base, and a multi-tiered finial. The foot of the base sometimes includes a tier composed of small, hand-carved reed-like pieces of wood (like the red one, above). The finial is in the shape of stupa, which is the top of a Buddhist temple.  There is a small repair on one side. Probably 19th century.

Handcrafted in Burma

Chang, An Antique Burmese Lacquerware Vessel

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