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             Chomesri Thai Lacquerware Storage Basket

Chomesri, meaning Gathering Beauty:16" High x 14 Diameter

This is a classic Thai storage basket.  It has a wood base & rim. Please look at the previous page to review the creation process in the description & the video. These baskets are complex in their making, resulting in very durable utilitarian baskets that have such beauty in their design.  In Thailand, homes do not have closets or pantries for storage They use baskets to store most of their things.

I use these baskets for storage of my art supplies,  yarn, shells, clothing, magazines, and journals...there is always something that needs a tidy place to be kept while enhancing the decor with its pleasing look.

And of course, it can remain empty & be a lovely accent piece to your decor.

The writing is Thai Lanna. When Siam overtook Lanna in 1776, it was forbidden to teach the Lanna language in school. People still do speak the Lanna language but no one can read it anymore except for a few old monks.

Hand Made in Thailand

Chomesri Thai Lacquerware Storage Basket

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