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Contemplative Dewi Sri Statue Carved in Crocodile Wood

21" High x 6" Wide x 3.5" Deep

Dewi Sri

Dewi Sri is the Goddess of Rice on the Island of Bali & Java. She has the power of the Underworld & the Moon.  

She controls the foodstuffs of Earth & Death. She is the mother of Life because she symbolizes Rice, the main food of Indonesia. The traditional Javanese people in particular have a special place in their home dedicated to Dewi Sri, decorated with intricate carvings of snakes so that she will give prosperity to them. The Balinese provide special shrines in the Rice fields for her. The Sudanese have a special festival dedicated to her.

For the Sundanese, in West Java, the introduction of weaving is attributed to the rice goddess, Sang Hyang Dewi Sri . There are Javanese stories of types of lurik ,a plain-weave cloth, that enable a goddess to fly.
​Handcarved in Indonesia in Crocodile Wood

Contemplative Dewi Sri Statue Carved in Crocodile Wood

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