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             Dancing Duo Kalaga

55" High x 45" Wide

Dancing Duo is a magnificent kalaga framed in two layers of rich raw silk a pale lilac and black. The detail is rich in sequin and couched metallic thread.  There is a sleeve at the top to allow easy hanging. The grace of the dancers is accentuated by their holding hands as they dance. There are three Hinthe Birds at the top. The hamsa is an aquatic bird of passage, which various scholars have interpreted as the goose or the swan. Its icon is used in Southeast Asian culture as a spiritual symbol and a decorative element. The Hinthe is famed as the bird with the most pleasant voice

There are Angels at the four corners.

Please refer to the previous page for the creation story of this beautiful piece.  This is an older piece in great condition....very detailed work.

Hand Made in Burma now called Myanmar

Dancing Duo Burmese Kalaga

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