Earth as Witness

38" x 23" Framed. Painting: 18" x 15"


Shakyamuni Buddha , at the moment of enlightenment, invoked  the earth as witness, as indicted by the fingers of his right hand which spread downward in the gesture of touching the earth. As the Buddhist Sutras relate, the sun and the moon stood still, and all the creatures of the world came to offer obeisance to the Supreme One who had broken through the boundries of egocentric existence.. As the Buddha  continually taught, it was not he who was to be revered but the possibility he presented. At the end of his life, Buddha said," Be a light unto yourself". Become  a Buddha, an awakened being, he urged, but never a blind follower of tradition.

Buddha is shown seated on a lotus throne, a symbol of the mind's transcendent nature.  As a lotus rises from the mud to bloom unsullied in open space, so too does ones mind rise through the discord of its own experience to bloom in the boundlessness of unconditional awareness.

This Thangka painting was done by one of the best artists, a monk named the Rose. His liberal use of 24 K gold in the painting lends to the extreme beauty of this piece.

By Romio Shrestha &  Ian Baker: Celestial Gallery

Hand Painted in Nepal by the Rose

Earth as Witness

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