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Elephant Stools Carved in Monkeypod Wood

Small Stool: 12 " High x 12" Wide x 15" Long

Large Stool: 15" High x 15" Wide x 16" Long

These Elephant Stools are hand-carved in Monkey Pod Wood. They are useful as stands for plants, objects of art, lamps, or anything for which you need to add a little height.  They add creature charm for these purposes too.  Wisdom & Loyalty: Elephant symbolism also represents sensitivity, wisdom, stability, loyalty, intelligence, peace, reliability, and determination, which are all seen in the animal's nature when observed in the wild. Elephants are gentle giants, who show great care toward their herd, offspring, and elders.

Handcarved in Thailand

Elephant Stools Carved in Monkeypod Wood


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