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             Hen & Chicks Garden Carving in Teak

21 H" x 7.5 W " x 4 Deep  "

Hen & Chicks is carved in Teak Driftwood. The shape of the wood talks to the carver who skillfully carves what he sees in the wood. There are no two alike. Because they are teak wood they are great in the garden or outdoor spaces as this wood is resistant to the elements and insects.

There are two hens and 4 chicks in this clever carving.

Chicken Spirit does not merely walk; it struts. When one comes into your life, it’s time to let your personality shine with all its uniqueness; if you have been holding yourself back (being “Chicken”), no more of that!

Handcarved in Thailand

Hen & Chicks Garden Carving in Teak

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