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             Hunter with Ancestor Sumba Ikat

14 " x 52"                    100% Cotton

This Sumba Ikat  piece shows a hunter gathering food for his family, birds, with his ancestors on his shoulders lending help & expertise. He is with his Sandlewood Pony, indigenous to Sumba ,representing virility, dexterity & influence. Tugu Human Skulls ,Andungu Katiku Tau, are   symbols of courage, heroism & victory.  The rooster symbolizes  awareness.   The flying bird ,Kahuhu, is a coastly bird, flying very fast and agile, symbolizing agility and dexterity in making a living, being and behaving .

Please refer to the information on Hinggis  on the previous page to understand this ikat process

Hand Woven in Sumba Indonesia


Hunter with Ancestor Sumba Ikat

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