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              Kochasri, Thai Mythological Elephant Lion Plaque in Aged Terra Cotta

6.5" Tall x 11" Wide x 1.5" Deep

Kochasri is a  lion-elephant creature in Thai mythology. It is used as a heraldic symbol in some Southeast Asian countries, especially Cambodia and Thailand. In Siam (pre-modern Thailand), the Kochasri or Sinha served as the symbol of the kalahom, one of the king's two chief chancellors. It appears as a supporter in the coat of arms of Siam, in use from 1873 to 1910, and the royal arms of Cambodia, officially adopted in 1993.

It is made of clay, aged for more than six months in a moist environment to create the patina.

Handcrafted in Thailand

Kochasri, Thai Mythological Elephant Lion PLaque in Aged Terra Cotta

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