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              Mah Noy Coconut Scraper

7.5" High x 3.5" Wide x 20" Long

May Noy, puppy in Thai, is named after a puppy in a  Thai story that touched my heart.

May Noy was a lucky stray puppy adopted by Poo & her family. Two days after the birth of her son, Poo was cooking in her outside kitchen when May Noy emitted a low growl & quickly leaped over the baby crib attacking a cobra, and biting it behind the head. The Andaman Cobra's venom is deadly, killing a human in less than 30 minutes.  Poo went to the street terrified, calling her husband, Na, who came running. When Na saw what had happened, he looked at May Noy who was gasping for air, barely able to wag his tail.  Na knew he was dying but he jumped on his motorcycle with May Noy racing to the vet.  On the way, he stopped because Mah Noy was not going to survive the cobra's venom. As the puppy passed, Na cried like a child for the life of this brave little puppy who had saved his newborn son. Poo & Na buried him and planted a marigold on his grave. They named their son May Noy.

Please refer to the information on the previous page about these charming kitchen tools.

Handcarved in teak wood in Thailand

Mah Noy Coconut Scraper

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