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             Mama Monkey & Two Babies Ox Cart Prow Decoration

17" High x 3.5" Wide x 13" Long

Myawwat is the Burmese name ofr monkey.

There are three species of monkeys in Burma: The Crab Eating Macaque, The Gibbon, and The Snub Nosed Monkey.

The Crab Eating Macaque is the most prevalent. It is sacred in some temples and tourist need to be aware as they often steal items from humans and barter for food for the return of those items.  Despite their name , they are omnivores, eating both animals and plants. They are proficient swimmers, diving for crabs in mangrove swamps. They use stone tools to open nuts, oysters & sea snails. They also wash thier food.

 The Snub Nosed Monkey is sometimes affectionately referred to as the 'snubby'.  The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey is such a rare and elusive species that only a few people have ever seen them

Local people claim that these monkeys are easy to find in the rain, because they often get rainwater in their upturned noses, causing them to sneeze.

Gibbons are only found in a few countries including Burma, who has all three species: Hoolock, Lar & White Handed. Gibbons stand out because of their ability to vocalize beautiful natural songs. They are called " forest engineers" because they disperse seeds in the forest. It is believed that if they sing in the morning , the weather for the day will be pleasant, but if they sing in the evening , the weather will change.

The symbolism of the monkey is connected to deep knowledge and intelligence. A very resourceful creature, the monkey sign is related to finding solutions to any problem. In their natural habitat, monkeys are incredibly compassionate and carrying.

Please refer to the information about Bullock Cart Prow Decorations on the previous page.

One of the babies has a broken arm as shown from use over time.

This antique piece has been mounted on a stand for easy display.

Handcarved in teak in Burma

Mama Monkey & Two Babies Ox Cart Prow Decoration

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