Naiyanee: Mudmee Siriporn

108 " x 56"             100% Heavy Raw Silk Ikot or Mudmee Handwoven Single Bedspread, Throw  or Wall Hanging by Naiyanee Srikanthimarak.

Siriporn means One who is Gloriously Blessed

   Typically woven by Isan villagers, Naiyanne is unusual  as a city dweller who fell in love with Thai folk fabrics. She was inspired to weave a much heavier fabric. She apprenticed intensively for three months in the villages, eventually being taken in as a "daughter". The result is silk mudmee that is soft ot the touch & warm enough to be used as a blanket.

I have been lucky to become her good friend. She has visited me here in the Northwest when she was on her way to  the Weaver's Convergence show in San Francisco.  She is as delightful as her fabrics.

This gorgeous piece is a one of a kind beauty. 

I love to show pieces like this draped over my wood doors in my home. I have enough clearance to still close the door without damaging the weaving...and I get to see them daily but I can easily remove them when I want to wear them.

Naiyanee encouraged me to wash these pieces because silk is the strongest fiber them & use them. I have been doing this for years in perfection. Machine Wash in Cold Water/Tumble Dry on Low Heat

Handwoven in Thailand by Naiyanee

Naiyanee: Mudmee Siriporn

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