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Phaya Naga Teak Carving in Gold Leaf

12" High x 5 " x 5"

Thai Folklore holds the Phaya Naga to be semi-divine, demi-creatures, which possess supernatural powers as has been described in Buddhist and Hindu cosmology. The Kamchanod Forest in the Udon Thani province, which is held in high reverence and fear across Thailand, is believed to be the border between the human world and the netherworld and is frequently depicted in Thai folklore as the site of many hauntings, but more frequently is considered to be the home of the Naga.

In Shan folklore of Nanzhao Kingdom believed Erhai Lake is inhabited by Naga and is the creator of the Mekong.

Handcarved  in Thailand with a Gold Leaf finish

Phaya Naga Teak Carving in Gold Leaf

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