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               Rihana: Zardozi Wedding Festival Quilt

42" X 61"           Rihana means Sweet Basil

There is a rod pocket at both ends  of the back for hanging vertically. The backing is the same color as the framing.

Zardozi work is a type of embroidery in Iran, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Syria, Turkey, Central Asia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Zardozi comes from two Persian words: zar or zarin meaning gold and dozi meaning sewing.  Zardozi is a type of heavy and elaborate metal embroidery on a silk, satin, or velvet fabric base. Designs are often created using gold and silver threads and can incorporate pearls, beads, and precious stones.  It is used as decoration for a wide range of applications, including clothes, household textiles, and animal trappings. Historically, it was used to adorn the walls of royal tents, scabbards, wall hangings and the paraphernalia of regal elephants and horses.

Initially, the embroidery was done with pure silver wires and real gold leaves. However, today, craftsmen make use of a combination of copper wire, with a golden or silver polish, and silk thread.

Gold embroidery has existed in India since the time of the Rigveda, between 1500 and 1200 BC. It prospered during the 17th century during the reign of the Mughal emperor Akbar, but later a loss of royal patronage and industrialization led to its decline. The craft began to experience a resurgence in popularity following India's independence in 1947.

Today, zardozi is popular in the Indian cities of Lucknow, Farrukhabad, Chennai and Bhopal.

Please look at the Wedding Festvial Quilt information on the previous page.

Pieces like this using vintage beadwork will have areas in disrepair from use over time.

Hand Made in Uttar Pradish, India

Rihana: Zardozi Wedding Festival Quilt

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