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             Sva Pir, Monkey Pair Angkor Wat Replica Sculpture in Aged Terra Cotta

8.5" Tall x 11" Wide x 3" Deep

Sva Pir are monkey images taken from the sacred Cambodian Angkor Wat Temple. Monkey images at Angkor Wat, representing the God  Hanuman, roam freely & are as endearing as this piece.  The mythic texts speak of Hanuman as a monkey child of the Wind God, as possessing enormous strength, keen intellect, and a mastery over the Vedas and other branches of learning.  It is made of clay, aged for more than six months in a moist environment to create the patina.

Handcrafted in Thailand

Sva Pir, Monkey Pair, Angkor Wat Replica Sculpture in Aged Terra Cotta

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